Ban Ki-moon expresses deep admiration for Moroccan King

Marrakech: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his deep admiration and respect for Moroccan King Mohammed VI and his country for hosting the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) on climate change.

“Throughout my tenure as the chief of the UN, I have worked closely with the King and I look forward to meet the Sovereign,” he said at a press conference on the sidelines of COP22 on Monday.

Ban Ki-moon underlined “the crucial importance of the COP22, whose mission is to ensure that the world is united while facing the challenges of climate change,” adding that UN member states showed “great enthusiasm and passion”.

“This is the manifestation of the leadership of the Kingdom of Morocco at this COP22,” he said.

“Morocco is an important member of the UN, not only in Africa and the region of north Africa and the Middle East, but within the concert of nations,” the UNSG said, hailing Morocco’s contribution to international peace and security.

“The Kingdom has always set an example through its democratic institutions and its action for sustainable development by being at the forefront of efforts to tackle the challenges of climate change,” he added.