August Fest: 20 Startups made Startup pitches in two days

The India’s largest Startup Conference – The August Fest, third edition, concluded here in city on Sunday.

The two day festival witnessed 12 talks, 3 panel discussions and pitches of 20 start ups.

Ramana Gogual, Film Composer, Entrepreneur, Investor to mentor fives start ups for three months.  These five start ups will have to be selected through the Eat, Sleep, Drink Startup, the organizer of The August Fest.

The startups who pitched during yesterday and today include: Robus Test, MyWedStory, Bakeys Foods Pvt. Ltd, Stockroom, Kitki, Anti Scratch Sheet, H2O Cabs, Oye Happy, Kisan Raja, Play Zapp, Hyper Verge, TinMen, Adventor, ShipNinja, The IoT Suitcase, Pert,, iScholar Education, Services, Zenty, The First Meal, Erised, ShipNinja, Inx and Gear Systems.

The last pitches are still going on as this report is being filed. The best pitch will be given away a prize money of Rs 5 lakh  by the orgnisers.

Speaking about the incredible journey of building a startup, Rahul Narvekar, CEO of India Roots and Founder of Fashion and You said whatever is the   worst, don’t give up.  Stay on. Stick up to your job.

Ramana Gogula spoke about Entrepreneurship is a Rollercoaster Ride asked them to believe their heart.  There are no rules to be successful.  Don’t get disappointed if you are not funded.  There are many, which were rejected by Venture Capitalists by several times after which they were funded, he said.  Tell your story effectively. You will find somebody who will be interested in your story.

Ramana Gogula announced that he would like to mentor five start ups for three months and asked them to pitch for the same through The August Fest.

Cheryl Yeoh, CEO of MaGIC Acceletlator from Malaysaia gave her story of ups and downs in the journey of entrepreneurship. She told  inspite of many odds, how she made a successful venture  Then she went to manage MaGIC Accelerator for Malaysian Government.

She co-founded Reclip.It, a personalized shopping list app that helps people save money by matching list items with digital coupons and weekly ads from top retail stores like Walmart, Macy’s, Walgreens, Target, BestBuy, Home Depot, CVS, etc. In 2012, Reclip.It was selected by Instyle Magazine as “Best of the Web” and previously received funding from 500Startups, Great Oaks VC and angel investors in Silicon Valley and NYC in 2013, the Reclip.

She gave ten perfect tips for entrepreneurship. She said “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

The two day festival organised by Eat, Sleep and Drink Startup. More than 400o people have participated in the two days fest.

The August Fest is an event that has brought together the whole startup ecosystem in India for the first time, Kiran the man behind the festival added.

The festival screened about 22 short films.  Some of these include Blood Donation, Dear Brother, Addham, But They Say, D, Confession, Oka Maranam, Rao Gaari Abbayi, Move On, Niseedhi, Helmet, Us and Them, Puri Cheppani Story, Sunyam, Be You, Conspiracy, Mugamanasulu, I am Calling Fom, Bullet, Sriram tho seethammalakshmi, Vela Taralu and 60 Short Film.

The other highlights include 200+ Startup have Demonstrated their products or service offerings.  There were 50 speakers, 10 interactive sessions. Nearly 200 investors participated..

Some of these start up demos include Wearable Technology by C-Vox which has come out with most revolutionary T-Shirts which not only absorb sweat, but also are fitted with head phones, lights in the back of the T-Shirt like a tale light to a vehicle. This offers protection to the runners and those who involve in Marathon.  It has earphones and all other paraphernalia.

Internet And Mobile Association of India, the only professional body representing Digital Industries in India set up a stall.

The Paper Art has demo of Snajhi Art. This is art dying in India. The Paper Art want to revive it.

Some of the start-up demos include Printnama, LeapZen, Invilogic, CelermentisUpdrad, Radix, Cough Potato, Ride on Cab, Art from Heart, Roadtrip Experience Project, Pixotica, Physics Desk, Pepi Post, Organic Express, Memilog, Indiabizforsale etc and other

Physics Desk has come out with women security handbags.  These are developed by just out B.Tech graduates from Guntur.

The August Fest concept is conceived by Eat Sleep Drink (ESD) start-ups in 2013.  Aimed at start-ups, soon to be start-ups, designers, creative professionals (Short-Indie films/Creative projects/entertainment technologies), the fest has attracted 4000 participants. (INN)