Arvind Kejriwal’s tweet was to attack Hitler, not to hurt Hindu sentiments

New Delhi: After facing flak from the opposition parties over the picture of a man chasing the Nazi symbol with a broom shared by Arvind Kejriwal, the Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday clarified that it was an “attack” on German dictator Adolf Hitler and not intended to hurt Hindu sentiments.

BJP delegation met the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer to the complaint against Aam Aadmi Party’s chief that he alleged an attempt to incite religious frenzy and communal tensions.

The picture shared by Arvind Kejriwal shows a man chase a “Hindu swastika” with a broom, the symbol of Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), claims the opposition party.

However, The Aam Aadmi Party in its statement said that the BJP was propagating a false narrative against the party by claiming that it had hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

The party statement said that the tweet was just an attack on Hitler and his way of operating. “The BJP should, first of all, understand the difference between Hindu and Nazi symbols,” said the statement.

The statement further added that it looks “very foolish” for the BJP, which claims to be a Hindu nationalist party, to claim the Nazi symbol as its own.

The AAP later asked BJP to apologise and said: “The BJP should apologise to Hindus for relating them with Germany’s Hitler and for simply trying (to take) a cheap shot at the Delhi CM.”