Anupam kher’s reaction after Sonu Nigam quit Twitter

Mumbai: After Sonu Nigam quit Twitter, veteran actor Anupam Kher asked the singer not to get affected by the negativity of a few people.

“Dear Sonu Nigam! You are a self-made man. Courageous, original, inspirational, successful and a fighter. Don’t let negativity of few win,” Anupam tweeted.

Nigam on Wednesday quit Twitter urging all “logical and sensible patriots” to do the same. His decision was triggered by the suspension of singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account on the micro-blogging site for his offensive tweets.

In a string of 24 posts, Nigam elaborated on why he was quitting Twitter and other issues.

Nigam, who was earlier in the news for demanding a ban on loudspeakers during azaan, wrote: “I have no religion. I follow my own religion, choosing the best from everywhere. Those who understand, know; those who don’t, my condolences.”