Watch: Toddler suckling on dead mother for milk will make you cry

Bhopal: A young woman’s corpse was lying by railway tracks on Wednesday morning. Post which, an image of one-year-old sobbing infant tried to breastfeed her while she laid dead, disturbed the viewers on social media.

The woman’s body was spotted by a train driver in Damoh, around 250 km from state capital Bhopal. As the police and officials reached the spot, they found the crying child sucking at his mother’s breast and tried to wake her up, NDTV reported.

The people who witnessed the heart-wrenching incident filmed the video, which later went viral.

The police speculate that the woman may have fallen off a train or was hit. The baby was saved because his mother held him, while she had a head injury. She may have been conscious for a while after being hit and tried to feed her son, officials said.

When the police and officials took away the mother, the child’s wailing left them shaken to the core.

Not just that, when they were taken to the hospital no one could get the son admitted at a cost of Rs 10. Finally, a ward boy moved forward and got the son admitted.

The infant is at a children’s home. Officials are trying to search for any family member or relative who may show up.

“When he came to us, he was very restless, crying…he was missing his mother and it was very hard to calm him down,” said Sarita, a care worker. “Since yesterday, he is a little better. He recognises us and is even eating well. We are trying to make him feel like he is with family, safe…”

The police are trying to track their identity by the clues they might get from the small purse, the woman carried.

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