Amazon to introduce voice control on Alexa for Android

New York [USA]: Continuing its efforts to enter the smartphone space, Amazon announced that it will be introducing voice commands for the Android version of Alexa, its voice assistant.

The implementation of voice integration into its Android app for Alexa implies that users can speak directly to their handset to perform a number of functions such as to play music, ask for directions and trigger Alexa skills, TechCrunch reported.

Earlier, Amazon introduced select voice functionality to its mobile shopping app, while forgoing the functionality for the Alexa app until now.

It also announced plans to create a “mobile accessory” development kit, which is expected to make it easy for hardware companies to build Alexa into their wearable products such as headphones and smartwatches with minimum investment in hardware or integration efforts.

This latest update from Amazon will be available on Google Play and Amazon’s own Appstore in the coming days.

However, iPhone users may have to wait a little longer for voice commands to be available on the iOS”>iOS app. (ANI)