Agra region receives record rain for July, Yamuna rising

New Delhi: Incessant rainfall in the past three days has left Agra and the neighbouring districts in shambles, with drains choked and overflowing and the Yamuna river’s water level threatening to touch the danger mark.

“Not a kilometre of road in the entire Taj Trapezium Zone is without potholes and breaches, and as rain continues to batter the city the municipal authorities find themselves totally flummoxed on how to deal with the fury of the monsoon,” commented senior hotelier Surendra Sharma.

The downpour, including for almost a week earlier, has seen the district receive 550 mm of rainfall in July alone against the annual average of 650 mm.

“With drains choked and community ponds usurped by encroachers plus the Yamuna flood-plains reduced by illegal constructions, the low-lying residential areas are in for trouble not only in Agra, but in Mathura and Vrindavan too,” said environmentalist Shravan Kumar Singh.

The Yamuna river’s water level in Agra on Friday was rising and threatening to touch the danger mark of 490 feet, as water from upstream barrages, including Gokul and Hathini Kund, was being discharged at regular intervals.

Municipal authorities deployed diesel pumps in many areas to flush out rain water, but traffic on the National Highway and MG Road remained jammed for hours due to inundation.

“Luckily, the tourist complex with all the hotels on the Fatehabad Road, did not face the brunt of the problem, although there was waterlogging in front of the Agra Fort and on Shamshabad Road, but tourists were generally not affected,” said tourist guide Ved Gautam.