Adopt technologies to serve people: Tummala tells AEEs

Roads & Buildings Minister Tummala Nageshwar Rao today asked the AEEs to update their knowledge and skills using latest technologies and modern processes.

Giving away appointment orders and training certificates to 35 AEEs at NAC here, the minister asked them to give their best to the society by dedicated work. “Those who make use of changes and technology and show the best skills will be appreciated by the society”, he noted. The new AEEs should mind that they got the support of the society, parents and teachers to get their favourite jobs.

He also noted that the youth will get better opportunities and future in any other country, he said. India has great asset in terms of youth who are being found as hot cakes by the world, he said. The world nations are trying to hire Indian youth and talent for top level posts, he remarked.

Engineers-in-Chief Ganapathi Reddy, Ravinder Rao and Bhikshapati were present. (NSS)