Adopt this Japanese technique for a prolonged youthful skin

London: Market is full of skincare products promising glowing and prolonged youthful skin. However, customers are never satisfied with the kind and variety of beauty products available in the market.

For centuries Japanese women have been admired and envied for their beautiful skin.

Skincare aficionados in Japan say that patting on lotions, serums, and creams is the key application for perfect skin – rather than rubbing.

Referred to as the “skin patting” approach, the technique encourages people to pat on their skincare – so as to stimulate blood flow and promote collagen.

Cosmetic dermatologist Francesca Fusco told the Cosmopolitan, “Patting is better than spreading on your skincare.”

Validating her claim, she also said that patting is more gentle, as it doesn’t pull on your skin like rubbing in lotion would. Fusco further added that, patting limits the possibility of “messing up the flow of your lymphatic system.

So, next time in order to get the desired results it is recommended to substitute rubbing with patting for a better, youthful skin.(ANI)