Adele breaks record for BBC’s most viewed video on YouTube

London, Dec. 5 : Seems like Adele is breaking records everywhere, even when she is not Adele, as her impersonating clip broke the record for the BBC’s most viewed video on YouTube.

The 27-year-old singer’s funny sketch on BBC, in which she became Adele impersonator ‘Jenny,’ has been viewed over 37 million times in just two weeks, breaking the record for BBC’s most viewed video on YouTube, The Independent reports.

In the clip, Adele, by the name of ‘Jenny,’ puts on a fake nose and chin before joining a group of other Adele impersonators in an audition to find the best one.

Before the audition, other singers comfort ‘Jenny’ as she pretends to feel sick before performing. But when she starts to sing ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ other singers slowly realize that ‘Jenny’ is the real ‘Adele.’

The comedy sketch was released on Nov. 20 on BBC One as approximately 6 million people tuned in to watch the ‘Hello’ singer perform songs from her new album ’25.’ (ANI)