Caitlyn Jenner sued yet again for deadly car accident

Washington D.C., Dec. 5 : A family, who claims to have suffered injuries following the fatal February Malibu four-car crash, which left Kim Howe dead, has sued Caitlyn Jenner for negligence.

In the lawsuit, the Wolf-Millesi family has claimed that the 66-year-old TV personality, who was driving at an unsafe speed, has injured them both physically and emotionally, reports.

The Wolf-Millesi family also claimed that they were driving in their H2 Hummer when a Lexus struck by Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade slammed into their vehicle.

According to their claims, the Lexus driver had died, one suffered a severe cervical fracture, another claims nerve damage, and a third claims that they were subjected to blunt force trauma.

In addition to this, a one-month-old newborn in the Hummer, who was not responding in the wake of car crash, was taken to UCLA Medical Center and survived.

Earlier, Jenner was involved in a fatal vehicular accident when her SUV rear-ended a Lexus, pushing it into oncoming traffic where it was then hit by a Hummer. (ANI)