Abhinandan has been released by Pakistan; when will ABVP release my son? Tweets Najeeb’s mother

Badaun: Wing Commander of India Air Force (IAF) Abhinandan Varthaman has returned to India after he was released by Pakistan. The whole country is celebrating his release.

Meanwhile, mother of Najeeb student of Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi who has gone missing since October 15, 2016, has tweeted “Our Soldier Abhinandan has been released by Pakistan. When will ABVP release my son Najeeb?”

According to News 18 Urdu, Fatima Nafees is not in a condition to talk too much because of her ill health. She said since Najeeb went missing, the country faced several problems but every problem is solved within time.

Pakistan arrested our pilot, but we got him released. But what is there in case of my son Najeeb that the major government agencies of the country, like Delhi police, CBI and SIT are helpless in this regard. They failed to trace him. I want to know when will my son be back? When ABVP will release him? Said Nafees.

Najeeb’s brother Haseeb Ahmed told that his mother’s health is deteriorating. She cannot travel. Her shoulders have jammed. She was already suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. Now she constantly remains unwell.