Abdul Wahid Shaikh, author of ‘Begunaah Qaidi’ wants to set his innocent inmates free

Nanded: Narrating his experiences of jail, how he was implicated in blast case by the investigative agencies during a programme held in Nanded, in connection with the release of his book ‘Begunaah Qaidi’ (Innocent Prisoner), Abdul Wahid Shaikh who was acquitted in Mumbai train blast case said that he has written his experiences right from the arrest to release in the form of a book. He wants that people should know how the investigative agencies trap innocents. How they are wrongly implicated.

Shaikh recalled ‘ATS had arrested me on the charges of my involvement in Mumbai Train blast. I was taken to the police station on the pretext of interrogation later during custody I was made to suffer third-degree torture. They forced me to admit the crime. It took me 9 years to prove myself innocent.’ Abdul Wahid felt that all those who were arrested in Mumbai train blast are innocents and were wrongly implicated.

When I was exonerated by the court and I was coming out of the jail I had promised my inmates that after my release I will try for their release. I want my book to reach every home, he said.

Abdul Wahid Shaikh completed a Master’s degree in English, a course in journalism and the first year of a law degree. He has written a 400-page book about his experiences, to serve as a guide for anyone who gets falsely implicated in a terrorist attack.

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