68 Year old world’s oldest bird lays another egg

The world’s oldest known bird Wisdom the albatross is all geared up to become a mother again after raising at least 30 other. According to reports, in Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge she has laid another egg at her nest site.

According to the report published in the DC, she is believed to be at least 68-year-old by the Biologists but now after this news, they are now forced them to re-evaluate the age which they expected albatrosses to live too.

Albatrosses birds mate for life and they do take a new partner if their mate dies. Akeakamai is the current mate for Wisdom and his age is not known, but since 2006 the pair has been together.

It is believed that Wisdom, a Laysan albatross, has reared between 30 and 36 chicks in her life. Biologists on Midway have confirmed that she has laid an egg, Wisdom first appeared back at her traditional nest site on November 29.

Albatross lay a single egg and incubate it for just over two months before they spend another five months rearing it to fledgeling status after it hatches.