109 blood banks in Telangana found violating rules

Hyderabad : The Telangana Drugs Control Administration (DCA) has found 109 blood banks, out of the total 132 in the state, allegedly violating various rules and will issue notices to them in this connection.

“The violations came to light after we conducted a two-day state wide inspection of blood banks starting yesterday covering a total of 132 blood banks,” Telangana DCA Director Akun Sabharwal said.

During the inspection, the DCA found violations like under staffing–inadequate number of doctors and technical manpower, improper logging–incorrect record of donations and sale and improper maintenance of various statutory records.

One of the duties of the DCA is to regulate the functioning of blood banks in the state. There are 132 registered blood banks and 35 blood storage centers in Telangana, he said.

“The aim of this exercise is to bring out the shortcomings and lacunae in the functioning of blood banks and to ensure that corrective measures are put in place,” Sabharwal said.

The department also found violations like overcharging of patients for whole blood and its components besides inadequate and/or poor maintenance of equipment, improper storage conditions, inadequate area and poor/ unhygienic conditions, he said.

These banks were also found to be indulging in non-maintenance of the prescribed temperature of storage and absence of sterility testing.

“Notices will be issued to blood banks for the violations recorded by Drug Inspectors (DIs). This process is underway and will be completed in the next four days,” Sabharwal said.

The blood banks will be given seven working days to respond and rectify and if the DCA is not satisfied by their action, their licence will be suspended and such blood banks will be shut down, he added.