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WROGN Launches its Largest Campaign – The Wrogn Auditions

Bangalore: Popular breakaway youth fashion brand WROGN is set to launch its largest campaign this September, with Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. Titled Wrogn Auditions, the campaign is a unique concept inviting the audience to “Audition” for wining a Hangover Weekend in Las Vegas. Through this campaign, Wrogn intends to establish itself as a unique brand that speaks the language of the youth.

The campaign kicked off on September 2 when Virat Kohli, who co-owns Wrogn, tweeted “Got a good cure for a hangover? You’re going to need it” to launch the teaser for the game. The tweet generated tremendous engagement on Twitter, leading the hashtag #WrognAuditions to trend on the number one spot on Twitter. The conversation gained further momentum, when Virat tweeted again a few days later.

Hosted on a microsite off the brand’s website and available on Android and iOS as an app, Wrogn Auditions promises to be an engaging, fun game with questions such as “Would you get a tattoo of your girlfriend’s name?”. Every question is timed, and players need to give the “Wrogn” answer to get to the next question. If a player loses, new “lives” can be gained by posting one’s participation to Facebook.

Anjana Reddy, who co-owns Wrogn with Virat Kohli, says; “This is Wrogn’s first campaign, and from the beginning we were very clear – it has to be huge and it has to be unique. The idea was to create an engagement platform unlike any other. Being a break away youth fashion brand, Wrogn Auditions fit right in with the brand ethos of encouraging people to have an opinion. For now, I wish all our participants the very best! May the “Wrogn” person win.”

Co – owned by Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd and Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kohli, Wrogn launched in November 2014, and has since gained immense popularity. With a unique combination of color and detailing, Wrogn garments are a quintessential accomplice for a care free lifestyle!

About WROGN:

WROGN (pronounced wrong), launched in October 2014, is a breakaway youth fashion brand which is inspired by the distinctive sense of style and the enormous youth appeal of cricketing genius, Virat Kohli. WROGN is an extension of his bold and dynamic personality which is expressed in each piece of clothing. WROGN is targeted towards open minded and progressive young men, who like to make their own choices in life. The brand is experimental in its ethos and product philosophy. WROGN is one of the highest selling fashion brands on fashion portal Myntra and is available in prominent Shoppers Stop locations.