Friday , July 28 2017
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Very feasible to shoot abroad: David Dhawan

Popular director David Dhawan completely supports the idea of shooting in foreign locations, terming it a feasible proposition because of their scenic attribute, their welcoming nature and for being value-for-money.

“We do a lot of shooting abroad. There has been considerable awareness about the fact that they receive significant tourism by the shooting of Hindi films there. It’s good that they’re looking after us and providing us rebates. Moneywise it’s very feasible to shoot abroad. For some places there is a difference even while shooting there as compared to shooting in India,” he said on Saturday at “Locations”, an annual event to raise awareness about shooting in foreign countries.

Officials from Hungary, Romania, and Thailand were present at the event which was in its 12th installment.

Terming the event as a good beginning in building the relations between the countries, Dhawan said that he had shot for numerous films abroad in places such as Dubai, Singapore, London, Bangkok, America.

“There is difficulty while shooting in India, but it’s easy there (outside). Every place has a difference, but these small countries that are coming in are very good as they have good locations. There are several locations, Romania is very beautiful. Georgia is a very value-for-money country and Hungary is also good and I feel like going there.”

Most of the leading production houses such as Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions are known to shoot at numerous beautiful locations abroad.