Delhi dengue crisis: AAP leader apologises for controversial remarks on government hospital doctors

Delhi cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar on Saturday apologised for his controversial remarks that he had made against the government hospital doctors for refusing the dengue patients. “I apologise if anyone was hurt because of my comments. I did not mean to hurt anyone with my words. My comments were not for all the doctors, it was for the doctors who misbehave with the patients,” Sandeep Kumar said.

Earlier on Friday, while addressing a meet of Dalit Muslim Ekta Conference, the Delhi minister stirred a controversy, saying the government hospitals don’t have the audacity to refuse the dengue patients. “The people in the government hospitals don’t have the audacity (aukaat) to refuse the dengue patients, we will cancel their licences. The doctors who refuse to admit the patients, we will take away their jobs,” Kumar said in the conference yesterday.

“The conditions of the government hospitals have improved after the Delhi Chief Minister and the cabinet ministers have started visiting the hospitals”, he added.

Kumar further criticised state Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung and seven MPs of Delhi for not contributing enough in the state’s fight against the dengue. “Where has the Lt. Governor gone? Where are those seven MPs who were elected by the people of Delhi are? We are working tirelessly and they (MPs from BJP) are enjoying their foreign visits? he added.