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Urdu is alive on its own strength, its past is great and future bright – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Urdu is a living language. Its past was great and in the same manner, its future would also be bright. There is a need to make the new generation aware of Urdu language and to present the history of our mother tongue. Only such efforts would guarantee the development and sustenance of Urdu language. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while inaugurating “Urdu Expo” at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall yesterday. During his speech he said that the presentation of school children about the history of Urdu language and the allegorical representation of the poets of Urdu in their garbs is worth praising. Urdu has the capacity to survive on its own strength.


“Urdu Expo” was organized by the students of Central Public High School, Khilwath in collaboration with Siasat Urdu Daily. It is a unique exhibition presented for the first time.


Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Director of Urdu Academy told that it is the exhibition which is unique in its nature in the entire Telangana. He proposed that it should be extended further and exhibited in various other district.  The demand of our mother tongue is that we should present before the younger generation its bright past.


Dr. Muzaffar Shahmeeri, Head of the Department of Urdu of University of Hyderabad told that the expressions of disappointments about Urdu language would come to an end by organizing such programs and a new hope would be generated about this language. Non-Urdu speakers ask the meaning of Urdu words included in Hindi and other languages from the Urdu speakers.


Dr. Muid Javeed, Head of the Department of Urdu, Osmania University told that many programs are organized in Urdu language which include Mushaira, Seminars etc. but this exhibition is a unique program. He congratulated the management of the school and its secretary, Mr. Zafarullah Faheem.


Mr. Zahid Ali Khan presented mementos to all the guests. 56 school students participated in this exhibition. They were clad in the dresses of Mirza Ghalib, Dr. Sir Mohammed Iqbal, Mr. Ameer Ahmed Khusro, Quli Qutub Shah, Amjad Hyderabadi, Abul Kalam Azad, Makdoom Mohiuddin and other poets.


Experts of Urdu language wrote in the visitors’ book that such a unique program was not held in Urdu language so far. Mr. Zafarullah Faheem, Secretary of the school welcomed the guest. Mr. M.A. Hameed, Program Coordinator organized the program successfully. This exhibition is open today also.



–Siasat News