Friday , July 21 2017
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Talasani raps Uttam for cheap politics, says 7,000 votes added, denies deletion of votes

Commercial Taxes Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav today lashed out at Telangana Congress president N Utham Kumar Reddy for indulging in a cheap politics by saying that 1.35 lakh of votes were removed from his home constituency of Sanathanagar for TRS gain in the forthcoming GHMC elections.

Addressing the media at Secretariat here on Monday, Talasani slammed the TPCC president for being misguided by a “mindless” leader. Actually 7,000 votes were added in the constituency enhancing the number of votes to 1.42 lakh, he said. He also alleged that Opposition leaders were making such malicious remarks for free publicity.

Referring to the Congress complaint to the Election Commission on the issue, the minister slammed them for making false criticism as the people have right to complain against the removal. He sought to know whether it was possible to remove such huge number of votes in a democracy and if such a thing happens the people will revolt against the government.

Charging the Opposition parties with carrying on misinformation campaign on the suicides, the minister alleged the problem was a perennial due to the sin of previous governments, which failed to construct a single irrigation project to provide power to crops, clear debts of farmers and deprived them of seed, fertilisers. “Whereas our government is farmers friendly and increased ex gratia to the kin of deceased farmers by four times i.e. from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh and appointing 1,300 field officials to suggest on crops and fertilisers, provide remunerative prices to the produce and supply nine-hour power supply, he claimed. He also listed out welfare programs being implemented and asked them to question courageously whether the schemes were not being implemented in the State. “Uttam Kumar Reddy and other Congress leaders will go to jail for their complicity in Indiramma Housing scam”, he said adding that the TRS government would not spare them under any circumstances. (NSS)