Dengue menace: ‘We are fully prepared’, says Satyendra Jain

New Delhi, Sept.21 : Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain on Monday assured that the hospitals in the city are well-equipped and prepared to handle the dengue cases.

“We have increased 1,000 beds this week. We got 700 beds as a donation. We have ample space to accommodate the patients,” said Jain.

“Because of the unavailability of resources in nearby places, people are coming in from nearby states as well. But we are fully prepared to accommodate them as well. Because of the rain in the past two days, dengue cases may increase, we are prepared for that too,” he added.

Over 2,000 people have tested positive for the vector-borne disease in the national capital so far.

At least 22 people have lost their lives following the disease. (ANI)