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Shaikh Najma: A saga of struggles

While traveling around Suryapet, if you see a burqa-clad woman riding a bike, with loads of bags on the backseat, most probably she would be none other than Shaikh Najma. Shaikh Najma is the resident of Suryapet. She has studied till 5th class through Urdu medium. She used to reside in Nalgonda before marriage. His father was head constable in police department and has two wives. Shaikh Najma’s mother has 9 children including 5 sons and 4 daughters while her husband’s second wife has 7 children.

When she was 12, Najma was married to an already married man who had divorced his ex-wife. Najma had to face a lot of tribulations at her in-laws’ house. Her husband also tormented her a lot. Still she bore all that, thinking about her 3 younger sisters.

At 22 she was the mother of 5 children. But there was no change in her husband’s behaviour. On the contrary, his torture and suspicion increased day by day. Unable to bear it further, Najma left his house with Rs. 100 and a couple of dresses when her youngest child was just 1 year old. She stayed with her friend in Hyderabad and made her passport. Taking a loan of Rs. 40000 she left for Saudi Arabia where she spent 12 years of her life. She was called to serve her Kafeel’s mother but she was made to work all household work. She endured all the hardships for the sake of her children. But when she returned home she had to face yet another shock.

She had already taken khula from her husband but now her children were also not hers. Her own brothers and sisters had alienated her children from her by misleading them. They didn’t even want to see her face.

Meanwhile Najma decided to stay in Suryapet; she had repaid the loan and also bought her own house. She decided to start her life afresh. She began selling dresses at her house. Now she is living a lonely life. She sells vegetables and readymade dresses to make both ends meet. She is leading a life full of struggles but she does not despair of Allah’s mercy.

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