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“Reservation is the right of the Muslims” – United Struggle essential to get it – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: The campaign started by Siasat Urdu Daily for getting 12% reservations for Muslims in the fields of Education and Employment is neither against any political party nor in support of it. It is a movement of the Muslims and its main objective is to exert pressure on the Govt. to fulfill its election promise for providing 12% reservation to Muslims. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a Round Table Conference at City Palace Function Hall, LB Nagar in Warangal yesterday. While thanking on the response of the Muslims on the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily for getting 12% reservation in the fields of education and employment, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that this movement is an attempt to pressurize the Govt. to fulfill its promise.

A large number of youths and women attended the meeting. He further told that all the Muslims got together on a common platform and they are demanding for the implementation of 12% reservation for them. Getting 12% reservation is the right of the Muslim. In order to get this right, the Muslims should fulfill their responsibilities by submitting memorandum to Tehsildars, RDOs, District Collectors and elected representatives of the Public. He reminded that Dr. YSR had made a promise to provide 5% reservation to Muslims but only 4% reservations were given. In the same manner, Mr. KCR should also fulfill his promise. He pointed out that Siasat Urdu Daily has always been on the forefront for the protection of the interests of the Muslim community. It has launched many welfare schemes. It has also been offering guidance to people for making use of welfare schemes offered by the Govt. It may be noted that with the efforts of Siasat Urdu Daily, 940 Muslim youths got jobs in Police Department. Mr. Amer Ali Khan pointed out that the right to recommend reservations for Muslims rests only with BCs Commission. Govt. of Telangana has constituted a committee under the stewardship of Mr. G. Sudheer which is not competent to offer any recommendation for reservations. If the Govt. is serious to provide 12% reservations to Muslims, it should exercise all its legal powers and constitute BCs Commission.

Mr. Aariz Mohammed, Chairman of Muslim Empowerment quoted the relevant sections of Constitution of India and told that statement that reservations should exceed 50% is misleading. While putting this restrictions, Supreme Court had also suggested that if reservations exceeding 50% are recommended, comprehensive report should be submitted. In such a case, Supreme Court will not have any objection to permit reservations over and above 50%. If BCs Commission makes a comprehensive report comparing the economic backwardness of the Muslims and other BCs, the reservation for Muslims could be provided above the ceiling laid down by the Supreme. Muslims should get united for getting 12% reservations.

Dr. Anees Siddiqui, President of Shanti Sangam told that the campaign for 12% reservation for Muslims is the need of the hour. He appealed to the Muslims to get united and rise above the sectarian, political and social affiliations to get this campaign successful. He further told that he met the Muslims of eight Mandals and made an appeal to submit memorandum to Tahsildars. He hoped that the people of Warangal will extend their corporation in making this program a success.

Dr. Raza Malik, Asst. Professor of Kakatiya Medical College told that it is a movement of the Muslims and therefore it is our responsibility to make it a success. We should refrain from criticizing each other and should get united. Mr. Mohammed Mujahid, President of Welfare Party of Warangal welcomed the movement launched by Siasat Urdu Daily and suggested that joint action committees should be constituted at Mandal and District levels and to give representations to Muslim youths in large numbers. Mr. Khalid Sayeed, President of Jamat-e-Islami of Warangal told that Jamat-e-Islami fully supports the campaign launch by Siasat Urdu Daily. Mr. Mohammed Sirajuddin, Chairman of World Peace Committee welcomed the campaign launch by Siasat Urdu Daily and advised the Muslims to send post cards to CM. Mr. Mohammed Azharuddin, Proprietor of City Function Palace, Warangal and others had made excellent arrangements for the meeting.

–Siasat News