By avoiding spend thriftiness in marriages, Muslims can become rich community – Zahid Ali Khan

Hyderabad: The clue to eradicate economic backwardness found in Muslim Community is in our hands itself. By taking proactive actions, this task could be accomplished. Muslims are spending enormously in marriages by hosting dinners and offering dowry to the bridegrooms. If they avoid spend thriftiness and perform marriages in a simple manner, the day is not far when the Muslims would be counted as one of the richest communities. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a gathering of Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliances organized by Minorities Development Forum and Siasat Urdu Daily at SA Imperial Garden, Towlichowki yesterday. He further told that the problem of marriages of Muslim girls is getting severe which is resulting in moral degradation and economic backwardness. This problem could be resolved only by the Muslims themselves.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan further told that the organization of Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliances program is not only to finalize matrimonial alliances but also to eradicate evils which have crept into Muslim Society. In addition to this, the objective of this movement is to bring about a change in the mindset of the parents of the brides and grooms. He lamented that matrimonial alliances are being finalized on the basis of apparent beauty and wealth whereas Allah (SWT) has ordained that the girls should be selected on the basis of their good character. The prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) has also advised the Muslim Community to make marriages simpler but we are making them complicated and by spending extravagantly, we are causing economic imbalance in society. He hoped that things will change and the Muslims would celebrate weddings and valima dinners in a simple way. On this occasion he quoted the marriage of the grandson of the late Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Masquati wherein the guests were fetched with only haleem and tea, although this is a rich family. This incident should be an eye opener for the Muslims.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also mentioned that Siasat Urdu Daily has launched a campaign for getting 12% reservations for Muslims in the fields of education and employment so that the Muslim youths should get a respectable position in society. This campaign is getting vast popularity not only in Hyderabad but also in the districts of Telangana State. Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily is visiting various districts of Telangana to create awareness among the public. He pointed out that when the Patel Community in Gujarat can raise its voice for reservation, why can’t Muslims do the same. Muslims constitute the second largest majority in the country. He appealed to the Muslims to get united for getting their constitutional rights. The Muslims should know that rights cannot be obtained by asking but they can only be got by getting them realized by the authorities.

Mr. Abid Siddiqui, President of Minorities Development Forum told that the purpose of arranging such meetings is to bring about a positive change in Muslim Society. Its objective is to put an end to extravagant expenditure in marriages. He advised the parents not to behave indecently with the parents of brides. He also told that they should stop thinking with the mindset of the people of old Hyderabad. While finalizing matrimonial alliances they should bear in mind Islamic values. Only then they can ensure peaceful matrimonial relations of their children.

In the 47th program of Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliances, 105 boys and 220 girls got their names registered. Parents and guardians finalized 19 matrimonial alliances yesterday. Mr. Taquiuddin Shajee, Mr. Mohammed Moinuddin, President of the federation of Towlichowki Colonies participated in the meeting as guests of honour.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan met the parents and guardians of brides and grooms and congratulated them for finalizing matrimonial alliances.

–Siasat News