Thursday , July 27 2017
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OGH glory of Hyderabad, symbol of secularism: Anuradha Naik

Osmania General Hospital is counted not only among the oldest hospitals of India but also Asia. Noted museum architect Anuradha Naik who is strongly opposing KCR’s decision to demolish Osmania General Hospital building along with other social activists, experts working on conservation of historical buildings, archaeologists and doctors told Siasat that it was the biggest blunder of the government; instead of taking care of the historical building effectively it was thinking of razing the building, even as both the buildings of Osmania General Hospital and High Court on either sides of the River Musi add to the beauty of Hyderabad.

Anuradha Naik the daughter of cardiologist Dr. Sudhir Naik who established cardiology unit in Osmania General Hospital has played important role in projects of renovation of several historical buildings including Chowmahalla Palace, High Court, Osmania General Hospital’s Afzal garden, Machli Market, Begum Bazar, Domakunda and Nizam Museum. She feels that Osmania General Hospital Hyderabad is the best symbol of secular traditions.

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