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Muslims forced to pay 10% interest – Representations to Sudheer Commission

Hyderabad: Sudheer Commission received memoranda from Muslim organizations which demanded that it is essential to constitute BCs Commission in order to get proper recommendations for 12% reservations to Muslims. This will be free from all legal complications.

Congress MLC, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer told the commission to visit Govt. schools and Muslims concentration areas so that it could assess the poverty of the Muslims. Muslim vendors borrow money at the rate of 10% interest. The opportunities of employment and resources are less in districts, as a result of which most Muslims are forced to lead life below poverty line.

The committee held its public hearing at Shankerji Memorial Auditorium at Exhibition Ground. Mr. Shabbeer further told that the then CM of A.P. Dr. Y.S.R. had provided 5% reservations to Muslims but legally there was a provision for providing only 4% reservations. He also told that Sacchar Committee and Mishra Commission reviewed the backwardness of the Muslims.

15-point program of the PM is not being implemented properly. It would have been better for the Govt. to constitute BCs Commission so that 12% reservation could be ensured to Muslims. He stressed the need for the Commission to survey social, economic and educational backwardness of the Muslims, collect data on the basis of fact and submit its report to the Govt. so that it is forced to provide reservations.

Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi, MIM MLA presented a memorandum in which it was stated that no country could progress unless its minorities are made stakeholder of the developmental process. India cannot claim development neglecting the progress of Minorities. He further mentioned that the hearing of the commission only for few hours cannot review the total backwardness of the Muslim. He demanded the Govt. to give legal status to Sudheer Committee and to take concrete steps for the development of the Muslims. Commenting on the reports of Gopal Singh Commission, Sacchar Committee, Mishra Commission etc., Mr. Owaisi said that all these reports have been shelved in cold storage. He pointed out that reservations should be given to Muslims not on the basis of their religion but on the basis of their educational, economic and social backwardness. Lamenting on the deteriorating standards of education in Govt. schools, Mr. Owaisi said that most of them are devoid of basis amenities, as a result of which many Muslim students are forced to discontinue their education. He also suggested that career guidance cell should be established in order to provide guidance to Muslims for getting Govt. jobs. Bahujan Samaj Party leader, Mr. Ilyas Shamsi made a representation to provide 12% reservations to Muslims. He told that Mr. KCR is well aware that Andhra rulers looted the State for the past 65 years but he does not know about the economic and educational backwardness of the Muslims. He demanded the Govt. to accord legal status to Sudheer Committee to ensure 12% reservations to Muslims.

Dr. Mohammed Husain, General Secretary, Minorities Cell of TDP submitted a memorandum to commission and impressed upon its chairman to submit a comprehensive report to ensure 12% reservations.

Mr. Waheed Ahmed, Advocate, President of Telangana Muslim Advocates’ Forum, Maulana Syed Tariq Quadri, President of HAS, Major Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin Qadri, President “Help Hyderabad”, Mr. Iftekharuddin Ahmed, Advocate, President Muslim Reservation Front of Telangana State, Mr. Hayat Husain Habeeb, President, Social Welfare Development of India, Mr. Aslam Abdur Rahman, Convener, SCs, STs, BCs and Muslim Front and others also submitted memoranda to Sudheer Committee. Present on this occasion were Mr. M.A. Khan, Congress M.P., Mr. P. Sudhakar Reddy, MLC, MS Prabhakar Rao and other political and public leaders.

–Siasat News