Vedas order killing of sinners who slaughter cows, Madrasas and Muslim leaders preach to hate country’s tradition – RSS mouthpiece

New Delhi: RSS organ, Panchjanya condemned the writers who returned their Sahitya Academy awards in the wake of Dadri incident in which 52-year-old Akhlaq Ahmed was lynched over the rumours of keeping beef in his house. In its latest issue, Panchjanya carried a title page story in which the verses of Vedas are quoted mentioning the killing of sinners who slaughter cows.

The journal blames that Madrasas and Muslim leadership preach Indian Muslims to hate the traditions of the country.

It mentions that it is essential for social harmony that the faith of the Hindus is respected. In the article published in Panchjanya, the writer, Chaturvedi condemns the authors who returned their awards.

The article justifies the lynching incident quoting Newton’s Law of Reaction. It further mentions that if others do not respect the religious sentiments of majority of the Hindus, how can such reactions be prevented.

In the article it was stated that originally all the Indians were Hndus but later they were converted as Muslims. The persons who kill the person who slaughters the cow are treated as martyrs and society respects them.

The article further mentions that the mutiny of 1857 was started after the order of uncapping cartridges of the guns greased with beef’s fat which is an evidence of importance of cow for the Hindus.