Saturday , May 27 2017
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Mumbai Horror: Man Comes Back From the ‘Dead’ Before Autopsy

A dead man started breathing suddenly just before the postmortem. The Doctors, who were present in the mortuary of Sion Hospital in Mumbai, got scared as the man was believed to be dead.

This funny incident took place when the cops thought a person was dead and sent him to mortuary. But then, one of the staff saw him breathing and the post mortem was not done.

According to the police, the doctor immediately destroyed all records of the incident in an effort to cover up his mistake, in response the dean of the hospital blames police by saying “Our casualty medical officer got intimidated by the police presence. The police kept telling the doctor that the patient was dead, and insisted he certify him urgently.”

The cops are yet to confirm the identity of the patient, sources said he is around 45 years old. He is currently being treated for an ear infection at the ENT department and is considerably weak due to malnourishment, said hospital sources.

The hospital authorities have begun an investigation into the case. They also said that they would come up with some protocol to avoid such kind of incidents in future.