Saturday , May 27 2017
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Man detained after he talks of joining ISIS, cops find him

“I want to become spokesman for ISIS,” said a 48-year-old Mumbai resident who has been detained outside the Iraqi embassy here.

A former journalist who was sacked in 2007, Zuber Ahmed Khan had left his home in Mumbai after posting on social networking site ‘Facebook’ that he was leaving home and joining ISIS.

He approached the Iraqi mission here for a visa and on being questioned about purpose of his visit, pat came the answer: “I want to become spokesman of ISIS”.

The embassy officials immediately informed the police which whisked him away for interrogation yesterday in anticipation that they had got a prized catch.

Central security agencies had already issued a look out notice against him after his post on the social networking site claiming that he was joining ISIS.

However, as he was questioned by sleuths of various security agencies, it was found that he was mentally unstable, sources said.

He was debating on every single query, leaving the sleuths exasperated. Soon what was perceived as grilling of a dreaded catch, turned out to be a hilarious situation, they said.

Senior Delhi Police officials said they were waiting for his relatives to take his custody and no case was being registered against him.

“He had told us that he had gone there to submit his CV for the job of spokesman of ISIS. He said he had no job. Nothing incriminating has come out in his questioning so far,” said a senior police officer.

Khan had arrived in Delhi on August 5 and was staying in a guesthouse in Nizamuddin. He approached Iraq embassy where officials found his talks “incoherent” and handed him over to police.

He has two degrees including one in Mass Communications and he was known as Zuber Ahmad Khan ‘Journalist’.

A social media user had informed the Crime Branch about his posts.