Market Risk Associate/sr Associate with Leading Investment Bank Mumbai

Job Description

      Department Profile

Has led the industry and set the standard for excellence in prime brokerage. Our large market share not only testifies to the value we provide, it also gives us the industry insight and experience to serve our clients better. Moreover, we are consistently rated Number One across a broad range of services. Our proprietary technology and shared platforms increase efficiency at every stage of the trading cycle. Client service representatives focus on adding value and our flexible, customizable portfolio analytics accommodate clients unique requirements.


      Our ultimate goal is to help our clients succeed. We provide access to the full breadth of the franchise, connecting clients to a wide range of expertise, from innovative investment ideas to new sources of capital. In addition, our worldwide presence allows us to devote global resources to fully address client goals and objectives.
      Background on the Team


      Provides hedge fund clients with stable and prudent financing, allowing for the achievement of investment objectives in accordance with regulatory and risk-based margin requirements. We are structured to deliver a wide range of services across a full range of instruments, regardless of strategy type, trade structure or product complexity.

Our dedicated global team, with demonstrated leadership in risk management, monitors and manages risk through a combination of statistical analytical tools and stress tests. We use a combined top-down and bottom-up holistic approach to create the most comprehensive margin policies, taking into account portfolio correlations and shifts as well as incorporating sensitivities to hedges.


      Primary Responsibilities


      Uploading and Analyzing sample prospective portfolios, comprising of several financial product types equities, corporate bonds, options, convertibles, commodities, credit derivative swaps, interest rate swaps, etc. This may involve searching for relevant identifiers/tickers for such products, using Bloomberg and other internal sources/databases.


      Analyzing client portfolios, highlighting risk issues/concerns and recommending margin policy changes as required.
      Sourcing data, for analysis purposes, from databases using SQL queries / stored procedures and if required, automate these using internal tools or excel macros as required.
      Senior Management Risk Reporting and Analysis.
      Strategy Analysis / Regional Analysis / Market Events Analysis from a Risk Perspective.
      Tool Building for Risk analysis of Client portfolios and also for Internal Risk Management.
      Risk Analysis for Live portfolios using Stress Testing and other Valuations.
      Skills required (essential)


      B.E (Computers). Additional qualification of FRM / CFA / MBA(Finance) will be preferred.


      1-3 years of experience in IT / Research / Financial services.


      Ability to work in the financial domain using technical expertise (Excel functions or macros, Sql Queries).


      Excellent quantitative, logical and analytical skills to work on capital market / financial products.


      Fluency in English and excellent articulation skills to present own views while dealing with various groups in India and overseas.


      Ability to work well in teams and manage relationships with global colleagues.


      Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines, managing expectations along the way.


      Aptitude to work on multiple proprietary systems / applications.


      Ability to work efficiently on MS Excel spreadsheets.


    Skills desired