Saturday , May 27 2017
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Lakhs of siblings take dip in Yamuna

Mathura: Lakhs of siblings from different parts of the country took a holy dip in Yamuna river on the occasion of Yam Dwiteeya today.

The movement of vehicular traffic was restricted on the roads leading to ghats and no untoward incidents were reported, SP City Shailesh Pandey said.

Chairperson of Mathura Municipal Board Manisha Gupta said the bathing area at Vishram Ghat was encircled with boats and swimmers were also put on stand by as a precautionary measure.

It is believed that siblings who take a dip in Yamuna are exempted from the wrath of the messengers of Yam (God of death) and they achieve salvation if they take a joint dip on Yam Dwiteeya.

The ritual bath had started after midnight yesterday.