‘Acche din zaroor aayega’:Cameron

London: Asserting that Narendra Modi has proved his critics wrong, British Prime Minister David Cameron today said that his Indian counterpart has worked tremendously after forming the government in New Delhi and said ‘acche din zaroor aayega’.

Cameron, who was addressing the Indian diaspora at the Wembley stadium here, said that Modi had rightly said ‘acche din aane wale hain’ prior to the elections in the country.

“They said a ‘chai wala’ would never govern the largest democracy, but he proved them wrong. He rightly said ‘acche din aane wale hain’. But with his energy, with his vision, with his ambition. I will go on further and say ‘ acche din zaroor aayega’,” he said amid a thumping applause from the crowd.

Expressing serious concern on the grave issue of terrorism, Cameron said India and the UK will together defeat the extremists.

“We face together the biggest threat of our generation, the terrorist threat, a threat to our very existence. And once again we stand shoulder by shoulder. You suffered on the streets of Mumbai, we suffered on the streets of London, the cause was same,” said Cameron.

“The extremists who want to divide our country and together as we show today, we will defeat them. So, team India, team UK together we are a winning combination,” he added.

The British Prime Minister further said that this is the most historic celebration of ties between both nations.

“We both govern in challenging times. But we are united by something more important, the scale of our ambition,” he added.

Cameron also assured his country’s support to Prime Minister Modi in fulfilling his big plans so that it turns into a reality.

“You want a hundred new smart cities; we have got the planning expertise to help you deliver them. You want a Digital India and we have got the techno-how to help get them done. You want to give Indians the skills they need, we have the education and training institutions that can help. And when you’re taking India to the world’s top table, we are with you,” said Cameron.

The British Prime Minister reiterated his nation’s support for India’s permanent membership in the UNSC.

“And when it comes to the UN, we know what needs to happen- India with a permanent seat of the UNSC. Now in Britain, we have some big ambitions too and I know in our mission to deliver that strong economy,” he said. (ANI)