Wednesday , May 24 2017
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How ordering pizza online could make you fatter

Washington DC, Aug 8 : Love to order pizza online? You better not as a new study has claimed that people tend to order fattier or higher calorie items food online as compared to eating out.

Researchers from University of Toronto, Duke University, and the National University of Singapore analysed data from 160,000 pizza chain orders placed by 56,000 individual households, and found that orders placed on a computer or smartphone averaged 3.5 percent more calories-and included 14 percent more special instructions like “hold the mayo” or “extra cheese”-than orders placed in person or over the phone.

The study showed that people not only spend more when ordering food online, but they also order high calorie items, especially when it comes to pizza, and tend to adhere less to social norms about being healthy when they don’t have to face someone directly, Fox News reported.

The study is published in the journal of Management Science. (ANI)