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Extravaganza in Muslim Marriages – A serious problem – Siasat’s campaign – A ray of Hope

Hyderabad: Maulana Mohammed Ali, a Shia Scholar of Iran stressed the need for the parents to make religious character as the criterion in finalizing matrimonial alliances instead of apparent pomp and pride. They should also not overburden the relatives of the girls for hosting lavish dinners. He was addressing 46th Du-ba-Du (Face-to-Face) Matrimonial Alliances Program organized at Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital, Darushifa exclusively for Shia Community. It was arranged by Minorities Development Forum of Siasat Urdu Daily. A large number of Shia parents attended the program. Central Seerathuzzahra Committee Coordinated this program. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily presided over the function.


Continuing his speech, Maulana Mohammed Ali told that in the countries outside India, responsibility of marriages falls on the parents of the boys but unfortunately in India the parents of the girls are made responsible for such occasions. He further told that the situation is very unfavorable. In the present circumstances, marriage of Muslim girls has become very serious due to the conditions of dowry and other extravagant expenses. Hyderabad which was an exemplary city for its culture and civilization famous throughout the world, has now become a city in which marriages are perform on commercial lines. The amount of Mehar is getting secondary importance in our society. In such an atmosphere, the campaign launched by  Siasat Urdu Daily for celebrating marriages in simple manner is a ray of hope which will yield fruitful results. He termed “One Meal and One Sweet Dish” movement is the need of the hour. This campaign is getting popularity in various parts of the country. The main reason for this is the people got vexed up with the style of marriages in Hyderabad. Now the time has come that we should review our style of marriages and to resolve to reform Muslim Society.


Maulana Ali Murtuza, another Shia Scholar applauded the efforts of MDF and Siasat Urdu Daily and said that the mindset of the people is changing. He quoted the first matrimonial alliance of Adam and Eve. He also mentioned that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had stressed the need for the Muslims to make marriages simpler.


Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan informed that 37 matrimonial alliances of Shia Community have been finalized through these programs. He informed that many Muslim organizations of Lucknow have expressed their desire to conduct such program in their city. A delegation from Lucknow  which visited Siasat Urdu Daily in Hyderabad expressed this desire. He further told that Islam has rated service to people as worship but the Muslims are far from this practice. We always choose to criticize those who take up social service. It is said that stones are pelted only on the trees which bear fruits. We should not therefore worry about such criticisms. The motto of our life should be to eradicate evils and to establish virtues. He further said that so long as the Muslims do not change their life styles, the blessings of Allah (SWT) will not be bestowed on them. Today there is a need to reform the mindset of the people. The Muslims should not remain as silent spectators. They should determine to improve society and its conditions.


Mr. Ali Raza, President of Central Seerathuzzahra Committee welcomed the gathering and said that Siasat Urdu Daily organized two matrimonial programs exclusively for Shia Community in which 37 alliances have been finalized.


Dr. Syed Tahseen Husain and Mr. Kabeer Siddiqui, President of World Urdu Foundation, New Delhi also address the gathering and applauded Du-ba-Du program. Janab Abbas Rizvi, recited the Quranic Verses. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qadeer, Vice President of MDF, Mr. Zahid Farooqui and others made the arrangements. More than five cases were registered. Photos of the boys were screened on LCD in the functional hall. Dept. of Police had made excellent arrangements for it. The program ended at 4 p.m. yesterday.



–Siasat News