Friday , May 26 2017
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Drivers go on fast as Uber refuses to talk

Hundreds of drivers working for Uber were shocked when its management refused to hold any talks on the fulfillment of commitment that it made with them at the time of enrollment.

More than 500 drivers, led by Telangana State Cabs and Bus Operators Association (TSCBOA) president Syed Nizamuddin, went to the Uber’s office at HICC on Thursday afternoon to hold talks on their demands. However, the management refused to speak to them if they come as a union. Instead, the Uber authorities said individual drivers would be allowed to speak to the management.

During individual talks with drivers, the management outrightly rejected their demand for giving promised incentives and business. They were told that either they would have to work with the changed rules or quit their jobs. The management did not consider the drivers’ plea that they purchased new vehicles by borrowing money on huge interest based on the promise by Uber’s that they would earn about Rs 70,000 per month. Angered by the Uber’s management’s refusal to accept their demands, the drivers squatted before the office and raised slogans against the management.

“Now we are left with no option but to go on agitation mode. We will hold a symbolic day-long hunger strike on Friday and decide the future mode of agitation. We urge the State Government to intervene into the matter as this issue pertains to the lives of nearly 15,000 drivers and their families. Uber has lured the drivers with huge incentives and it cannot go scot free after cheating thousands of drivers,” said Syed Nizamuddin. (NSS)