Sunday , July 23 2017
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ACC warns to intensify stir; asks to issue AIIMS notification

Jammu: The AIIMS coordination committee today threatened to intensify the stir if the government does not issue the notification required as per the regulation and warned the BJP of “unimaginable consequences”.

The AIIMS Coordination Committee (ACC), an amalgam of over 70 social, religious, political and business organisations, spearheading the movement to bring the institution to the region, last evening extended the Jammu bandh by another 72 hours.

“In case the government continues to play dilly-dallying tactics…And does not come out forthwith a notification required as per the AIIMS Act of 2012 and declares establishment of full-fledged AIIMS for Jammu, the agitation instead of dying down will further escalate leading to unimaginable consequences for the BJP”, Chairman ACC and President JKHCBA, Jammu Abhinav Sharma said today.

Sharma warned that “ugly actions” by the government and the “unwarranted disruption” of peoples’ right to protest will boomerang on the BJP.

“AIIMS agitation is like salt Satyagrah to liberate from enslavement, hegemony and exploitation,” he claimed.

They did everything from arresting peacefully demonstrating people, confiscating their vehicles, threatening shopkeepers with dire consequences in case they do not obey their diktats and issuing appeals to the people, but failed miserably in dissuading people from supporting the AIIMS movement, he alleged.

He also asked people to treat “anti-Jammu” elements in BJP the way they have treated them (people of Jammu) today.