Chinese celebrity’s egg freezing sparks debate

Beijing: The news of Chinese actress Xu Jinglei freezing her eggs in the US has become a hot topic of online debates as the process is considered taboo, the media reported on Monday.

Her action has sparked a debate over the safety and usefulness of egg freezing, the People’s Daily reported.

“The only thing I regret is that I am a little bit late in doing so,” said Xu Jinglei, the 41-year-old Chinese director and actress, adding that storing the eggs was the only way for her to make up for the potential mistake if she failed to get married and have a baby due to her age-related decline in fertility.

China has no major technological obstacles to successful egg freezing, but so far, only couples with infertility problems are eligible to apply.

According to Chinese regulations, freezing eggs solely for the purpose of preserving or extending fertility, surrogacy and trading in ova are illegal.

Experts are also warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a host of problems and are urging potential mothers to think carefully before opting for such techniques.