Zulpikar trains in Mumbai for first time ahead of ‘Battleground Asia’

Zulpikar trains in Mumbai for first time ahead of ‘Battleground Asia’

Mumbai [India]: WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion Zulpikar Maimaitiali arrived in Mumbai for his much-awaited double title fight against Indian knockout king Vijender Singh at ‘ Battleground Asia.’

After the training session, Zulpikar talked about his preparations for the bout which is scheduled to be held this Saturday. He said, “I am very well prepared to face Vijender in the ring, I am confident of my body, my techniques and my mental calmness.”

On fighting for the first time in India he said, “There is no special feeling, I am here just to prove myself. It doesn’t matter which country I am in I know I have to get inside the ring give my 100 percent and emerge as a winner.”

“I think it’s an advantage to be a southpaw boxer, I know there are many great southpaw boxers who have been great I the field of boxing, I hope I can continue the legacy,” said Zulpikar on him being a Southpaw boxer.

Zulpikar’s trainer Julian Howell said, “With the right kind of training and is Zulpikar is taken good care of, I know Zulpikar will become the next World Champion. I am confident of him.”

Talking about his opponent Zulpikar, “First of all I will meet more tougher opponents than Vijender. Vijender is only one of the many, and this is a calculated move to fight Vijender, to prepare myself for other champions, this is the first step.”

Commenting about professional boxing in China, “If I win this bout against Vijender, who is the hero of India, I will go back to my country with pride. Pro-boxing in my country is not so popular, if I win I will be able to promote pro-boxing and motivate youngsters in my country to come forward and pick up pro boxing as a sport.”

His trainer commenting on Vijender as a challenger, “I don’t think Vijender knows Zulpikar as much as he thinks he does. It will be a surprise for him on Saturday.”

In the mega fight of Asia to be held this Saturday, both the boxers will put their respective WBO titles at stake. Whoever wins the bout takes home his defended title along with his opponent’s title.

China’s undefeated star boxer has eight bouts under his name, same as Vijender. Zulpikar has five knock outs wins and has fought 24 rounds. His last bout was with African boxer Thomas Mashali where he won his current title WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion last year. Zulpikar turned towards professional boxing in April 2015.

Vijender, who remained unbeaten since his debut in professional boxing, has fought eight bouts last one being against former world number one boxer Francis Cheka from Tanzania, where he defended his title.

Vijender clinched his first title in July 2016 against Kerry Hope of Australia, becoming the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Champion. In total, Vijender has fought eight bouts with seven of them being won by knock-out.

He has 30 rounds under his belt, which gives him a slight edge over his opponent, who has fought 24 rounds till now.( ANI)