Zuber K. Khan gets a special tattoo for mom

Mumbai: Actor Zuber K. Khan, who made his Bollywood debut with “Lekar Hum Deewana Dil” and has done shows like “Naagin 3” and “Manmohini”, credits his mother for his success. So, to honour her, he has now got a special tattoo.

“I only got one (tattoo) which is on my right inner wrist. That tattoo signifies the name of my mother. Though it is said that Muslims can’t have tattoos, I did it because whatever I’m today is because of my mother and she is my inspiration,” he said.

Initially, he told her that the tattoo was temporary.

“A few days later, I told her that it was permanent. I was expecting her to be angry but she was okay though her eyes welled up. I rarely express my love to her,” he said.

“She doesn’t live in Mumbai with me. She lives in Bhopal as she is working as a professor there. I miss her so much. My mom is my second god,” said Zuber.