Zoomcar launches self-drive car rental service Hop

New Delhi [India]: Zoomcar, India’s first 100 percent self-driven car rental company has announced the launch of Hop, a one-way intercity self-drive service.

With this one-way segment, Zoomcar firmly cements its market leadership position in the overall car renting space in India.

Zoomcar’ s new one-way intercity self-service allows a customer to travel from point A to point B enabling customers to pick up a car from Zoomcar location from one city and drop it off to another. The launch of one-way intercity service adds flexibility and options to people’s travel plans.

Zoomcar is bringing new innovations to the Hop service which will be available across 24 cities including intra-state and eventually inter-state routes as well. The 24 city routes are Bangalore – Mysore, Bangalore – Mangalore, Mangalore – Mysore, Bombay – Pune, Ahmedabad – Surat, Kolkata – Siliguri, Chennai – Coimbatore, Vijayawada – Vizag.

Zoomcar caters to an audience where travelers are seeking self-drive purpose for both business and leisure purpose.

“With the launch of our path breaking one way, inter-city self-drive rental product, Hop, we’re offering a whole new level of convenience for our 20 lacs+ Zoomcar customer base. After careful study and countless deliberations with customers, we have designed a product offering that caters to a wide range of point to point, intercity self-drive use cases. We anticipate strong demand for Hop from both business and leisure travelers. We look forward to pushing out to more than 30 routes later this quarter,” said CEO and co-founder Zoomcar, Greg Moran.

“Our primary focus is to target those travelers who are specifically seeking to travel on a daily or weekly basis. With our dramatic city expansion, it has given us an opportunity to start one-way intercity travel option which is one of the ways we can manage our weekday demand for usage of cars,” added Moran.

The procedure for booking a car will be done through the app or website. The user will be asked about their drop off city and location. Based on the provided pickup and drop off, the minimum duration is computed to cover the distance.

The price of the fuel is included. The price of the trip will be decided by the hours required to cover the distance between starting point to destination with 20km per hour. (ANI)