Zoo staff strike for 20 minutes yesterday for demanding pay hike

Hyderabad: Permanent and outsourcing staff of Nehru Zoological park when on strike yesterday and stopped the work for 20 minutes. They say that they are not getting leave and their working conditions are not satisfactory. They were demanding pay hike.

Ticket collectors, Animal keepers, Gardeners and Drivers protested in front of administrative office yesterday. The visitors had to wait for 20 minutes for getting admission tickets.

Curator of the zoo, Ms. Shivani Durga told that the issue has been resolved. The outsourcing employees complained that they have been for the past five years or more but they have not been made permanent for an area of 380 acre, the staff of 180 members is insufficient. They told that Zoo spends Rs. 25 lakh every year for maintaining only 5 elephants but the animal keeper who feeds the elephants gets only Rs. 6700 per month.

–Siasat News