Zoo authorities install heaters, glass bed to keep animals warm

Zoo authorities install heaters, glass bed to keep animals warm

Ahmedabad: As temperatures dipped, zoo authorities in Ahmedabad took steps to keep inmates warm during the teeth-chattering winter.

To protect animals, reptiles and birds from cold wave, zoo authorities in the city have made special arrangements.

“We have made beds of dry glass for lions and tigers and have installed heaters at a distance from their cages so that these animals don’t catch it. With these measures, there is heating and the room is warm. Also there is no stiffness in the muscles of the animal due to beds made of dry grass,” said Director of the zoo, R. K. Sahu.

Special pots with lights have been installed in cages of reptiles. The light in the pots keep the snakes warm.

The inmates were being provided special diet to help them maintain normal body temperature.

Zoo inmates are the worst affected by a change in temperature as they have been displaced from their natural habitat and kept in places where temperatures are not always favourable to their bodies.

Meanwhile, India’s national capital continued to reel under dense fog conditions which disrupted normal life.

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted chilling temperatures over the next week throughout northern India.