Zoa Morani discharged after COVID-19 treatment

Mumbai: Actress Zoa Morani is out of hospital after recovering from a bout of COVID-19.

Zoa took to Instagram to share the news that she is out of the hospital. She posted a selfie in a surgical mask along with the announcement.

“Time to say goodbye to my warriors from space and keep them in my prayers forever! Goodbye, isolation ICU. Time for #homesweethome!” wrote Zoa in the caption.

Earlier on Saturday, while chatting up actor Varun Dhawan on Instagram Live, Zoa had sent out positive vibes about her health. “I really couldn’t believe it because I was glued to the news and seeing all the stories. And then, to suddenly realise that you only have it, is a little scary. But I promise, once you go through it, you realise that it is completely manageable,” the actress had informed Varun, according to hindustantimes.com.

Zoa, her sister Shaza and their father, producer Karim Morani, have been among the earliest reported COVID-19 cases in Bollywood. While Shaza has also been discharged from hospital and has returned home, Karim Morani is still receiving medical attention.

The news was made official by Zoa on Wednesday when she confirmed on Instagram, saying: “My father, sister and I have been tested COVID 19 positive. Papa and Shaza have no symptoms, I have a few…will be sharing the experience soon so that others get an idea and I can be of some help.”