Zippserv facilitates easy discovery of independently-scrutinised properties

New Delhi : Zippserv, a real estate risk assessment platform, announced the launch of ‘CleanProperties’ a free service available for home buyers to access due diligence reports of properties, which is the result of comprehensive and detailed analysis conducted regularly by a team of lawyers and civil engineers.

CleanProperties features properties, which have been pre-verified and have only passed scrutiny from a team of independent professionals. The scrutiny entails going through the title flows for the last 30 years, land conversion orders, layout approvals, endorsements, project level NOCs and publicly accessible information with respect to liens and litigations. The team also studies the civil construction plans and details of each property.

While industry reports estimate that on an average, a home purchase cycle takes anywhere from six months to a year, with access to CleanProperties data, one can halve the time of the process.

“CleanProperties is our latest innovation from the Zippserv stable. All detailed reports being provided free of charge are the result of due diligence performed by multiple professionals on our platform and has been vetted by at least three lawyers. Only after subjecting it to such scrutiny, have we put up the report on the site. This data is not available anywhere else, on any other platform. In fact it would cost several crores of rupees to put together such detailed insights,” said Zippserv co-founder and CEO, Sudeep Anandapuram.

The platform presently has over 400 under construction projects listed in Bangalore, which will be expanded to 1000 projects in the next few months.

The due diligence reports on CleanProperties are updated frequently. Details on any new projects that pass the teams scrutiny is updated regularly on to the platform. Furthermore, the real time date of last scrutiny is clearly specified against each verification report. (ANI)