Zimbabwe’s Mugabe granted immunity from prosecution

Harare [Zimbabwe]: Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace Mugabe, have been granted immunity from prosecution.

An agreement had been reached with Mugabe that included immunity and a guarantee of safety for the duo, reported CNN, citing Zimbabwean Defense Forces’ spokesperson Col. Overson Mugwisi as saying.

Military authorities have promised to grant Mugabe a “generous pension” and have told him that his safety will be protected in his home country.

Mugabe had spent a week negotiating his departure with the military since the country’s army seized control in the capital, Harare, and placed the leader under house arrest.

He has been allowed to keep several of his properties.

93-year-old refused to leave the country, saying he wanted to die there.

Mugabe resigned on Tuesday after 37 years in power.

The former leader has been accused of waging a campaign of fear to remain in power and also has also been accused of corruption to finance his lavish lifestyle.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice-president sacked by Mugabe this month, is to be sworn in as president on Friday. (ANI)