Zimbabwean spent $5000 from his own pocket to put country on Google Street View

Harare: The world is far and wide and it will take Google a lot of time to ensure all the countries on the planet are covered through the 360-degree Street View. So, a Zimbabwean decided to put the country on the immersive experience by himself.

Tawanda Kanhema, 37, grew up in Zimbabwe before moving to the United States. His studies in journalism and documentary film-making helped him shoot the exquisite location including Harare’s central business districts, malls, the virtual tour of Victoria Falls, river mapping of Zambezi river in a speedboat, and more, all within a span of two weeks, Cnet reported.

He funded all the travel and production costs related to the project while Google and Insta360 provided the gear through the camera loan program. Given that he used off-the-shelf products, his costs reduced to just under USD 5,000.