Zimbabwean soldiers take over state broadcaster headquarters in Harare

Harare [Zimbabwe]: The Zimbabwean soldiers with Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) have reportedly seized control of the state broadcasting outlet in the wee hours of the Wednesday morning.
The move is being speculated as a military coup against President Robert Mugabe, reported the Sputnik.
Two workers for the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and human rights worker claimed that the soldiers occupied the state broadcasters’ headquarters here.
The staffers of the state broadcasting claimed that they were manhandled by the soldiers as they took control of the office.
Meanwhile, as per reports, gunfights and at least three explosions in the streets were heard in the country capital. The house of President Mugabe has also been occupied by the military.
Videos have also surfaced of military vehicles, including tanks and trucks, blocking streets.
Earlier in November, Mugabe removed his vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa from the post.
Mnangagwa had been in the government for decades and was a soldier during the nation’s war for independence in the 1970’s.
He was also considered as the successor of the resident and is popular with the military. (ANI)