Zia Uddin Khan Educational Trust, an institution with a vision

Hyderabad: The City of Azamgarh has always been noted for its erudite community and its grounding in tradition. Now, the same city brags of yet another achievement – the flavor of education as provided by the Ziauddin Khan Memorial School, Badharia.

The school, which is marked to be the fourth CBSE school in the district, has been working hard to replenish peers, strengthen youth for them to have a more meaningful relationship with the planet.

The school is in the interiors of the district. However, the management decided that its standards must remain high to attract people. Dr. Ahmed Safi Ansari, the Secretary of the school, said that the decision to build a school in the interiors received a lot of criticism.

Yet they pursued the plan.

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Shakeel Ahmed Khan was the man behind the idea and providing all resources. “He had not just visualized college but a revolution; a single intermediate college led to several others like engineering, degree and medical college,” Zia Ul Hasan Usmani, the Join Secretary said.

The journey of the educational trust began on August 6, 2000, with Zia Uddin Khan Secondary School. For 19 years, the school excelled in the areas it aimed at — providing standardized education to the students for their overall development, achieving financial independence by prudent spending, providing employment opportunities to many among others.

Many parents appreciate what the school has grown into. Imtiaz Ahmed is a father of four and they were students of the school and colleges under the Trust. He says, “Of my four children, one is already a doctor, the other is an engineer and the third had recently got a job too, all thanks to the Zia Uddin Khan Educational Trust. My fourth child is currently in the ninth standard.”

One Harminder Pandey says, “I have sentimental and community relations with the school. My daughter-in-law was a student at the school and now my grand-children study here. When politics of the country made Hindi the language of Hindus and Urdu, of Muslims, the school bridged the gap between the two to make learning inclusive.”

A major achievement of the school is that it managed to improve girl education, even as it stressed on co-education. The management went out of their way to encourage more girls to join the school. The management is currently working on building hostel facilities to turn the school and colleges into residential institutions.

It all started as a small seed of thought in a person’s mind and now the Zia Uddin Khan Educational Trust bears the fruits of it. It developed into a nursery that provides every student the right conditions to prosper. The aim, ultimately, is not just academic excellence but to develop students in an all-rounded manner that will prepare them for a complex journey that is life.