Zero penalty points in Hyderabad to make you Hero: Say Traffic Police

Hyderabad: After tweeting “We will see that you live like real men” for a biker who wore no helmet and wrote “No helmet I die like real men” below his number plate, the Hyderabad police has come out with an innovative idea, trying to make road commute safer for public.

A social media post by the Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP) reads “Scoring a zero will now make one a ‘hero’”, as part of a new initiative to make city’s streets safer. A Times of India report says: “Commuters who scored zero penalty points will be felicitated by Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police” during an event that is to be held here on Friday at 3 pm at Tivoli Garden function hall.

Traffic police have been encouraging citizens who have zero penalty points to send in photos of their Regional Transport Authority (RTA) m-wallets.