Zardari looting Pak for years, will expose his graft: Imran

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan today alleged that Asif Ali Zardari had been “looting” the nation’s wealth for years and asserted that he would expose the former President’s corrupt practices.

Addressing a big rally of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Zardari’s political bastion Sindh, 64-year-old Imran said while his war on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would continue he would also target Zardari.

“Zardari, I am coming after you in Sindh. I will no longer let the people be fooled by reconciliation between the PPP and PML-N,” he said at the rally in Dadu.

Imran has been on a war path with Sharif and has demanded his the resignation after the Panamagate verdict by aa Supreme Court bench which declared there was “insufficient evidence” to remove the prime minister from office on graft charges.

Imran said he would gather thousands of people in Islamabad on Friday to pressurise Sharif to step down as prime minister till the judicial enquiry is completed against him.

The cricketer-turned-politician said he was fighting for the poor people of Pakistan.

“Both Sharif and Zardari are the same, they have been looting the nation’s wealth for years now and have same goal,” he said.

Imran called on the people to come for the rally in Islamabad on April 28 to save Pakistan.

He said Sharif had no moral ground to sit in office since all the five judges of the apex court unanimously rejected the evidence as well as the Qatar prince’s letter produced to justify the money trail for the Sharifs alleged offshore assets.

Referring to Zardari’s comments about him that he lacked political wisdom, Imran said the former President had turned the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) into a regional party from a national party.

He said Zardari had ruled Sindh by fear and his rule would end soon.

“You said Imran Khan does not possess political acumen. I pray to Allah that He may never give me a political sense like yours,” Imran said, referring to Zardari.

Imran’s PTI party is yet to make a strong presence in Sindh and its capital city Karachi even though it has had success in the last general elections in Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa provinces.